What information can I get before the hearing?

The Coroner's policy is to be open and transparent with families.  If you want to see copies of the reports and statements before the hearing, please ask in writing. 

This can be by post or email. 

Coroners Office
Courthouse Street
CF37 1JW


The Coroner will then decide whether to give permission to send out copies.  In practice, permission is almost always given.  The provision of copies of documents information are known as “pre-inquest disclosure.”

Unless there are very special circumstances, we send only one set of disclosure per family.  We will wait until we have all the documents before sending it, rather than sending each report individually as it comes.

Please be aware that the reports, especially the post mortem examination report, contain detailed medical information and/or descriptions of injuries.  They may not make comfortable reading so it is up to you whether to ask for disclosure.  We do not usually include photographs of your relative or their place of death.   

You can also request copies of statements after the inquest has concluded but, in accordance with the regulations, there will be a cost to provide this to you.  Please contact the Coroner’s Office for further details.