If you disagree with the outcome

If you are a properly interested person and you disagree with the findings of fact or the conclusion of the inquest, it is possible to appeal against it.  This is a very complex process which involves applying to the High Court for what is called a 'judicial review'. 

Judicial Review:

Judicial reviews can only be applied for within 3 months of the end of the inquest.  A review will only be granted if it can be shown that there was significant evidence that was not examined or if there was a major irregularity in the way the inquest was conducted.

How to make your appeal:

If you wish to appeal, you should write to the Coroner in the first instance, setting out the reasons.  If he agrees that there are grounds for appeal, he may make the application to the High Court himself.  If he feels that the outcome of the inquest should stand, you may then apply yourself.  Because this is such a difficult process, you would need to take legal advice.